Kostyantyna Dan'kevycha St, 4А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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About the place

The park was formed as a green zone in the new residential area of Vygurivshchyna-Tryshchina in the mid-1990's (not earlier than 1994 and not later than 2000 years), but was planned until the present-day appearance only after 2004.

Today the park has well-planned alleys. In 2012-2013, the park was reconstructed.

The park is planted with deciduous trees (birch, linden, maple, etc.). In 2010, the park has a sunny clock.

Review 4

Oliver Huntington

Nice park
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Alexander Malikin

A good park for walks
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Andreas Gladkevich

A good place to rest with a family or alone. Trees are small, so it is too sunny. The best time in the evening. Today we see new rope park. There is a toilet but it is not good.
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Alexander Kravchenko

No trees. So, it's nice on a clouded day or in the evening. They have cars for small children and a tiny amusement park.
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