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The summer area has an outdoor swimming pool, which is surrounded from all sides by sun loungers. As in the previous case, the main purpose of the club is comprehensive care for health, spa and rest. That's why you can find nearby a gym, saikl-studio and other delights of a huge fitness space. For those who plan to play sports and relax on the terrace with a swimming pool, there are special summer offers. One-time visit is less profitable and for him you will need a recommendation of a member of the club. But thanks to the club card in the access will be the whole complex, including the blue main pool, as well as a 20-meter jacuzzi, partially hidden under a canopy from extraneous views.

Price: One-time visit to the complex and a summer terrace with a swimming pool will cost about 1500 UAH., Only subject to the recommendation of the current club member. To become a member of the club, you can purchase Summer Time cards - for 1, 2 or 3 months. They give the right to attend all group classes (yoga, boxing, gym), salt room, swimming pools and saunas.

By the way, visiting the pool can turn into a cool gift: for example, a subscription to the pool for 5 or 10 visits or an individual swimming course for those who do not know how to stay on the water. Original gifts are in vogue, regardless of the time of year 

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