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Strazhesko personal belongings, rare editions of his works, genuine photos, materials of researches made more than 70 years ago are represented in the exposition of the Museum. The excursion will let one know about the final period of life of the scientist who was chosen a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1952 the elderly scientist faced the fact: he had to support accusations against his follower V. Vasilenko, arrested on” Doctors` case”, or he could be deprived of all his benefits and might have more serious consequences. It is unknown what the Soviet Authorities could do to the luminary of world medicine, but Strazhesko returned from his last trip to Moscow in summer of 1952 broken inside. In several days he died of infarcts – the disease he struggled against all his life. The Museum represents not just professional activity and public position of the scientist, but also him as a personality, collector and true representative of the classic intellectuals. Strazhesko admired and appreciated music, new actual theatre novelties. He had a great collection of paintings of famous artists – Vasnetsov, Aivazovskiy, Polenov, Repin, Surikov, which was a collection of museum level. One can learn more about all this by visiting the Memorial Museum of the famous doctor. 

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Хороший музей
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А это разве только музей , я думал там ещё и клиника и стоматология
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Schöne Statue
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