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LEO is a restaurant with a long history and reputation, its cuisine is clear and relevant, and high-quality service contributes to a comfortable rest for each guest.
The history of the place: the choice of site for the restaurant was not accidental. Therefore, LEO is located in the center of the most famous sights of Kiev. The foundation of the Church of the Tithes passes near the institution, and a little further grows the oldest linden, which was planted back in 1653. The windows offer a wonderful view of St. Andrew's Church.

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Eman Abukoash

Excellent food. Very welcoming Chef!
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Іра Мосійчук

Хороший заклад. Меню не вишукане але смачне
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Олексій Навальний

Чудовий ресторан, хороші ціни і смачно
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Magdalena Sjöstrand

Awesome desserts!
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Денис Сергиенко

Хороший ресторан,уютный,вкусно готовят. Персонал хороший. Проблема парковка
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Елена Ткаченко

Отдыхали здесь с друзьями на выходных. В целом все понравилось: вкусная еда, быстрая работа официантов, нормальные цены, приятная обстановка. Обязательно туда ещё раз сходим.
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Mark Milk

I stopped in here on a whim for a quick beer and discovered it to be a very nice place with great interior décor, an interesting dinner menu and drink menu. I ordered the beef medallions which comes with a great cognac demi-glaze sauce which compliments the dish greatly. I wished that the asparagus was grilled more because you like to see those black grill marks and having that burnt grill taste is awesome. The manager was very welcoming, he even brought out the chef to talk to me about how I wanted my meat cooked which I was surprised and didn’t request him, but it was nice that a chef would come out to gladly talk to his customers. All of the staff there was super cool and very accommodating which was nice to see in a country where customer service is probably one of the worst in the world that I have seen. I thought Canada and England had the worst customer service but Ukraine by far now ranks the worst anywhere. I usually have some apprehension about how they cook their meat in Ukrainian restaurants because they are a step behind in cook times compared to the American system. A medium-rare steak here is a rare steak in the states and a medium here is a medium-rare back home and etc. all the way up the scale. But Bogdan the chef knew exactly how to cook the steak the right way and he is one of the only few chefs in Kiev that gets this right and uses a correct heating scale. I highly recommend this place and will be back again for more.
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Olga Candy

Співаємо, шаблі, кальян, все супер.
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Yuriy Kravchenko

Прекрасный интерьер и атмосфера. Шикарный вид из окон на андреевский собор.. Ели крем-суп, пельмени с дичью. Очень вкусно!
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Jackson S.

Nice food, Nice Service, Nice Ambiance.. Varied menu, Seafood, Beef, Lamb.. Excellent deserts..Creme Brulee was top notch.
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Mykola Musiienko

Якесь дуже пафосне місце...
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Kay Andre

Staff was somewhat sour upon our arrival. Service was slow despite being near empty (two tables serviced). Drink arrived almost with the food. The food was however fantastic, absolutely great atmosphere and posh feel to it all, great place to impress a lady.
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Діана Заболотня

Ми студенти Київського Університету Культури⭐ Факультет готельно-ресторанна справа) Виконуючи практичне завдання відвідали дуже затишний, чудовий ресторан! ????Персонал приємний! Різноманітне меню ???? Гарний інтер'єр ❤️
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