Volodymyrska St, 2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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Not far from the foundations of the ancient Desyatinnaya church grows a tree-aksakal, whose height is about 15 meters, and the circumference of the trunk - three. This is one of the oldest lindens in Ukraine, according to legend, was planted in 1635 by the Kiev metropolitan and founder of the Kiev-Mohyla collegium, Peter Mogila, on the occasion of restoring to the ruins of the old church a new Tithe church. Although there is a version that the age of the tree is close to 1000 years old. If this is so, then the linden has remained the only living witness to the fall from the Tatar-mon-gol hordes of the last Kiev bastion. Desyatinnoy church.

      The tree fulfills these desires. It is said that we must bypass the Elder 7 times counter-clockwise, uttering the coveted oneself. Ukrainians believe that God endowed the linden with a special power - to save husbands from the curses that their "reward" wives. This tree accepts everything, because the trunk of it has all its build-up.

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Олександр Сорохтін

Ми народжуємось, виростаємо, дорослішаємо, а вона залишається такою ж красивою. Цікаве дерево, символ надійності.
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Анна Лико

Старезна липа, кажуть, їй понад 400 років! За прикметою, треба обійти навколо липи 7 разів і тоді в житті щаститиме
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