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A place where you feel at home, where time stops so that the guest remembers every moment and where it always seems that you have returned to childhood with its unique dishes and favorite tastes. The wonderful atmosphere of the KOMPOT cafe disposes to a relaxed rest and is great for the leisure of the whole family, and they also say that here happiness is poured into jars of compote!

KOMPOT cafe menu

When you are going to spend time with your family, it only means one thing - it will be delicious. And it is not surprising, because in addition to products for cooking, mothers and grandmothers use love in home dishes, with which each dish is even tastier. But if you think that this is possible only at home in the kitchen, this is far from the case. In the menu of the KOMPOT cafe, every dish is a masterpiece with a familiar taste, but in a new sound. In addition to the usual dumplings with pork and beef, they will delight you, but baked or fried. Breakfasts never end here and favorite cheese cakes, lazy dumplings, tender pancakes and crispy croissants await those who do not start a day without them. If you want to really relax, while feeling home comfort and warmth - KOMPOT is your place! Herring under a fur coat, vinaigrette, Russian salad, borscht, soup with noodles and meatballs, mashed potatoes, fragrant pies and sweet desserts - in the COMPOT menu, every dish is familiar from childhood.

Food delivery from cafe KOMPOT

Do you want to get a lot of pleasure and maximum free time from cooking every day? Then just use the free delivery service from the KOMPOT cafe, which works from 9:00 to 22:30 with a minimum order amount of 150 UAH. Or get a 15% discount for pickup from the cafe. Order delivery from KOMPOT on the website

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