9B Reytarska str., Kyiv

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Sat 06 Oct 15:00-18:00

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Sofi K

That’s where you get the good staff. I mean coffee.
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Denis Duke

One of the best bar in city. Good cocktails , coffee and food . Here you can work and chill out.
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Alex Zamai

hip place, quality coffee beans! Very funny baristas and vinyl records! Makes this cafe must visit in Kiev! :) People are working there sometimes, always a nice opportunity to catch a new song playing from their unique record collection
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Mikhail Khokhlovych

One of the best coffee houses in Kyiv. First of all, it's located in an iconic courtyard with a CROW CAGE! that's right you can play with crows while sipping your soy latte. Second, the dark wooden walls are straight from the 1970s and they blend very nicely with the tastefully added concrete. Third, they play vinyl and sell Fritz-cola for maximum hippery
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Next to Kashtan Coffee

Quest room

ZiGRAYMO on Reitarskaya

13 m. 7B Reitarskaya St, Kyiv

(096) 651-90-10


Courtyard with crows

14 m. Reitarska St, 9, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000



38 m. 9 Reitarska Str., Kyiv

(097) 228-22-32

Cultural Center

Центр Ведической Культуры Rosa Veda

41 m. ул. Рейтарская 7 а

(067) 138-23-03


Saint Store

53 m. Reitarskaya street, 5, Kiev


Barbershop Chop-Chop Na Reytarsʹkiy

67 m. 2 Reitarska Str. 2, Kyiv

(066) 116-00-00



69 m. 8B Reytarska str., Kyiv

(096) 426-02-24


Boilernaya Woolybully

72 m. вулиця Золотоворітська, 2А, Київ, Украина, 02000

(066) 722-77-99


URBAN coffee&bar

72 m. Zolotovorotskaya 2a

(068) 600-88-79

Quest room

Quest room Locked up. The Matrix: Path of the One, Time Machine

88 m. 8B Reitarska St, Kyiv

(098) 119-77-07

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