Reitarska St, 9, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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About the place

Their names are Cyril, Carlos and Corbin. They live in a huge cage in an ordinary courtyard in the center of the city. The tenants of the courtyard, as well as their numerous guests, take care of them and make up legends about where these birds came from.

Review 5


Good opportunity to visit cozy and calm place in historical part of Kyiv, best solution for the first date, you can find good coffeehouse nearby as well.
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Egor Belaev

Small secret place that is quite unique and fun
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Igor Mendzebrovski

This is a very subjective "five-star" rating - outside of my typical rating approach. You will need first a local to guide you into the history of the Corvus himself, and then you might need to pay several visits here to try to build an effective communication with Corvus. If you'll manage some phrases of Corvus' language by that time :)
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Ruslan Rodriguez

Hard to find but worth it. Quiet, nice place. Crows are like from fairy tale.
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Niкitа Shulipа

Nice place to visit, very interesting for people who like ravens - it's real ravens, not crows!
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Next to Courtyard with crows


Kashtan Coffee

14 m. 9B Reytarska str., Kyiv

Quest room

ZiGRAYMO on Reitarskaya

27 m. 7B Reitarskaya St, Kyiv

(096) 651-90-10



37 m. 9 Reitarska Str., Kyiv

(097) 228-22-32

Cultural Center

Центр Ведической Культуры Rosa Veda

48 m. ул. Рейтарская 7 а

(067) 138-23-03


Saint Store

63 m. Reitarskaya street, 5, Kiev



65 m. 8B Reytarska str., Kyiv

(096) 426-02-24


Barbershop Chop-Chop Na Reytarsʹkiy

72 m. 2 Reitarska Str. 2, Kyiv

(066) 116-00-00

Quest room

Quest room Locked up. The Matrix: Path of the One, Time Machine

83 m. 8B Reitarska St, Kyiv

(098) 119-77-07


84 m. 16B, street Yaroslavov Val, Kyiv

(098) 210-51-06


Boilernaya Woolybully

86 m. вулиця Золотоворітська, 2А, Київ, Украина, 02000

(066) 722-77-99

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