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About the place

The history of this house began in 1760, when the nobleman Leonty Vyshnevsky bought the plot. There was a wooden house with a stone basement. I saw only one analogue of the same cellar - the Kochubei's house in Baturin. Then there was a fire twice. In 1797, after one of them, Vyshnevsky built a stone floor on this basement. In the room where we sit there was a kitchen, the second room served as a reception hall. Thanks to the fire and the exact date of the erection of the house is known. Much later, in 1861, Vyshnevsky's grandson commissioned a well-known architect Ikonnikov to design the second floor, which was erected immediately.

In 1891, my great-grandfather Maxim Nechyaev bought this house. He was a pastry chef and there was a pastry shop on the premises. His family also had their own bench on Contract Square, where they sold their pastries. Branded products were "Nechaev gingerbread". Now, from the whole pastry heritage, all I have left is a knife for halva slicing.

Soviet repression did not bypass my family. Dad stayed with Stalin for six years in the camps, but if his paternal relatives were merchants, then his mother - nobles, and they had even worse. I know for sure about the nine executed relatives.

It is not unusual for Ukraine to open its own home for visitors. I'm not very powerful and not very rich, so publicity is a defense to me. It was always a bald bit of territory. Now, thanks to the museum, many people know both who I am and the house. It was in every possible attempt to demolish it under Soviet rule, but we had to move somewhere. It was not very easy for them, because we did not consent to it. Today, our home has the status of an architectural monument and it is already cramped in the courtyard of larger buildings, making it very difficult to travel. In view of these facts, today it is not commercially attractive - the darkness with it is more than a lawsuit.

There is water, gas. There are old stoves on all floors, so even if there is no gas, we will heat up. Problems with the house were and remain. I repaired everything I could, but only very expensive work remained. Under the house there is a heating main and it has twice broken through. The basement was flooded with dill 90 degrees. Twice by 3-4 weeks the house stood in a couple, and there are many wooden details, which after such accidents begin to rot. I also had to translate the pipe and save the tree for my money, but until I can fix everything.

My family history, of course, made me wonder about the past. I have never specifically collected antiques myself, but as you can see, there are many antiquities in this room. There are objects from Tripoli and even from ancient times. Something's left of Dad. In addition, I have old photos of the estate and all its designs. Here, for example, is not built another wing, which in one of the projects is. After the 1811 fire, the planning of the hem was changed. Here, where the yard is now, was a street. My mother planted a tree growing at the entrance on May 8, 1945.

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