urban-type settlement Gostomel, street Svyato-Pokrovskaya, 213

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Gostomel shelter for homeless animals
The former cowshed, which houses the Shelter, is now unrecognizable: it gives shelter to seven hundred (!) Dogs and cats. And yet, its possibilities are limited, because in Kiev there are more than 30 thousand stray dogs alone. The only way out is to look for new, kind and caring permanent owners for four-legged friends, who have already experienced human betrayal once.
If you are thinking of getting a dog or cat, come and get acquainted! You will not only be able to choose the one you like most from our many pets, but also make room for the next one who is now fighting for survival on the street. Animals in the Gostomel Shelter are vaccinated and neutered, and we will be happy to answer your questions about their maintenance.
Sterilization Center
The Shelter is equipped with the largest veterinary hospital and hospital in Ukraine. Here, homeless animals are sterilized, after which they undergo compulsory rehabilitation in a hospital and return to the Shelter or to their usual habitats. The hospital is designed to sterilize 3'500 animals per year, but such rates are rarely achieved due to lack of funds.
Pet owners can leave their pet after surgery in the rehabilitation department under the supervision of qualified personnel. The cost of the operation only covers our expenses for medicine and food. Be sure to contact us before bringing the animal for surgery to clarify the workload of the hospital.
Volunteering and assistance
The Gostomel Shelter and KSPA in general do not have reliable sources of funding and permanent employees. Therefore, we will be grateful for any material assistance (first of all, money, as well as medicines, feed and building materials). If you are tight with money, help physically by coming to the Shelter for a couple of hours and choosing an occupation for your liking from hundreds of urgent and important matters. Even just talking to animals that are in dire need of human attention is already help!

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