Institutskaya street, 54, Bucha, Kiev region

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Борис Струков

A huge longboard / skate spot. Awesome place, mild crowds. Must see. Somewhat boring ride from Kyiv, though.
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Todd Jbb

Beautiful park with great casual restaurant.
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Sergii Nechuiviter

Very cool park. Will visit more!
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Alex D

Absolutely gorgeous park with a lot of shadows, kids activities, decent free washroom, little cafés and tons of super pur and fresh air. Loved this place, will be coming very often since it’s only 25min drive from Kyiv. Also, there is a little lake where locals and guests are swimming. Everything looks very clean, comfortable and quiet. There is also a free parking near the park. Park is huge, you can spend hours on bikes, rollers etc.
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Huge territory in the wood. Bicycle roads, art objects, fountains, cafes, extreme park... Everything you need to have a good rest near Kyiv very close to origin nature. Small parking for such popular place. Free entrance.
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Next to Buchansky city park

Rope park

Rope Squirrel Rope Park

696 m. Bucha, 54-A Institutskaya st, City park.

(098) 811-80-88

Swimming pool

Swimming pool Viktoria Park Hotel

996 m. 2а Silesian, Bucha, Kyiv region.

(093) 170-44-92


Grand Admiral Resort & SPA

4,70 km. Warsaw street, Irpin

(044) 393-33-57

Swimming pool

Skipper: SPA, restaurant, boutique hotel

4,78 km. Gorky Street, 24, Vorzel, Kyiv region.

(067) 403-54-61


Municipal beach «Pushcha Voditsa»

9,42 km. 40 Fedora Maksymenka St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Sport Club

Sports and fitness complex "Pushcha Voditsa"

9,48 km. st. Flowers Tsisik, 54, Kyiv

(067) 233-69-29



9,98 km. Pushcha-Vodytsya, Kyiv

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