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Bonjorno! I am Massimo Gelarti, and ice cream is my passion. Over time, I was disappointed with the industry: I realized that it deceives us and ice cream is no longer true! Therefore, I opened my own studio, and along with the genius Ice Cream Chef, we overtook the ice cream: they restored the ancient technology and completely abandoned the synthetic components. We cook ice cream exclusively from natural ingredients and freeze just in front of the guests. I recreated the essence of ice cream - a short moment of greatest pleasure, which can not and should not lie in the refrigerator for months.
730 years ago, Marco Polo brought to Italy stolen recipes in China for an amazing delicacy. This was the first ice cream - a real pleasure, which could not be saved, because there were no fridges.
I found these recipes in the old Italian books, and they captured me. I asked myself: Massimo, why do you live in the world of nude artificial ice cream? Then I dared: I assembled a team of brilliant creators and opened an ice cream studio. We announced the war of synthetics and cooked exclusively from natural ingredients: if it is "Gorgonzola and pear", then a gorgonzola and a real pear!
Ice cream is our passion, and we put into it a soul: mix the natural ingredients in front of the guest, and then freeze it all with liquid nitrogen. Shaker is fog-wrapped up - and this magic begins! And our glorious rolls of ice cream are prepared simply on an ice table - and this is also an amazing sight.
I have always dreamed of making such ice cream that I would like to try all the varieties to the only one. I believe that ice cream is a special magic, and whenever I prepare a new one, I feel like a wizard in my own show.
Ice cream Massimo Gelarti is a fantasy laboratory. You will not believe it, but we make sushi, rolls, burgers, masterpieces of desserts and pizza from ice cream, we add salads, snacks, first and main dishes! Madagascar's vanilla, truffle, sesame, masala tea, mascarpone with yoghurt - let your head turn from these tastes, let them come down to you, let the children ask for birthday just Gelarty ice cream! Bienvenuto - Welcome to Massimo Gelarty!

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