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The fridge is everywhere, the Fridge will be everywhere: our goal is to decacralize the gallery space and its names by giving art a random focus.

By working with the connotations and symbols inherent in the refrigerator, the Fridge extends their boundaries, implicating the art - inside the cameras, explicating the social art. Politics, education, religion, demography, philosophy - an artist can put anything on the shelves. A refrigerator is a liminal space that closes the contact between the artist who fills it and the viewer who opens it for himself (be sure to himself).

The shape of the refrigerator is simple and straightforward, the contents of the refrigerator is a new way of being possible, another example. Open the white cube door to plunge into an unknown but already understandable world. The appearance of what is hidden in the cube is not just an interaction with art, but an epiphany - an experience of a divine artistic manifestation that would not embody any painful (or everyday) meaning. The fact that inside the fridge is an indisputable proof of solipsism: it does not exist until you see it with your own eyes, and if you see it, you cannot tear it out of your mind. So what's in the fridge?

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Вася Пионов

Хорошая идея
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Zoya Warrawan

Жду презентации галереи.
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Аркадий Вайнер

Шыкарная галерея. Хорошее расположение....
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Hlebzawod offspace

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Евгений Валюк

Чекаэмо на выдкриття.
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