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Foodies is a Kyiv-based project on a food and gastronomy culture that brings together those for whom dining is not just a way to quench hunger. Foodies was created by Christina Violin and Yana Zhadan in the summer of 2014. Today, the project also helps to develop the urban project of the Zhytomyr market.
We gather strangers and future friends at the same table because we believe and, even more, know - food unites. We know, we inspire and we inspire. We build each dinner with the understanding that taste is the simultaneity of sounds, aromas, colors and hues that surround us at the moment of contact with food. Locations are incredible and often forgotten places in our city that are so important to restore.
In addition to dinners, Foodies also functions as a media project on gastronomy and sometimes appears in pop-up bistros in Kyiv's favorite venues.
Food is an inspiration.

Past events

Forest Study: Summary Chefs Dinner

Tue 17 Dec 19:00-22:30

Review 2

Люба Иванюк

Очень необычного формата место, где объеденились искусство, кофе и вкусная еда. Отдельное спасибо за подоконник ✨
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Поліна Сидорчук

Миле місце в центрі, зайшла у спекотну погоду відпочити. Дуже смачні цукерки без цукру і маття. Але бариста не переходить на мову клієта???? для мене не принципово і я нічого не сказала) В закладі також є і галерея, продають книжки і наливають алкоголь. Дуже лампово.
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