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Egersund Seafood is one of the largest fish producers in Norway.
We have been operating since 1921, and the first fish supply to Ukraine took place in 1996.
Holding plants are located throughout Norway, which allows you to produce a wide range of products, which are exported to 35 countries.

Today we are proud to invite you to the first Egersund Seafood brand in Ukraine.

We opened this store to deliver you fish without intermediaries. Now, controlling all processes - catching, processing, transporting and selling, we offer you the fullness and purity of Norwegian fish's taste.

Fish that we can not catch in our waters are delivered to our long-term production partners from other countries of the world.

Seafood - this is not only delicacies, but also the most useful for people food products. We wish you health and daily pleasure from our fish!

Review 4

Кристина Калінчук

The tastiest sushi in Kiev. Adore Egersund, always order delivery and have never had any problems, thank you!
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sergey poljana

High quality fish shop. There is fresh fish, frozen fish and other food. Prices are average and some more high of other markets.
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Белоус Анна

Very big fish store. Very good quality of fish itself and sushi. Also, very good Holland sandwiches with herring.
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Кабыздох Тузиков

Good gualified and helpfull staff. Highest quality of seafood. Strictly recommend to visit that place.
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