st. 28b Olesya Gonchar Street, Kyiv (office 9)

About the place

In Ukraine, we are the first institution to provide childcare services from birth to school. Most kindergartens and nurseries in Kiev accept children, starting at the age of three or slightly earlier, often without special groups and premises for "sliders". Parents have a choice between staying with their child at home, which is not always possible if they work or hire a nanny. Both options, despite the benefits of having a close relationship with parents or a personal nanny approach, lack an aspect that we consider to be extremely important and which originally inspired us to create our center - socialization.

Communication is necessary for children from the earliest age. This postulate needs no proof - just watch your baby react to other children. Early acquaintance with society allows your baby to learn how to communicate, to learn new skills through imitation, to grow in a diverse environment. Studies show that children who have interacted with a large number of people from early age, both adults and other children, are more sociable and more independent and generally develop faster.

Our baby's development is deepened by the use of three languages ​​at once - English, Ukrainian and Russian (we also know a little French and Swedish!). For families from abroad, this provides a chance for the child to have a softer integration - the toddler is less stressed about adapting to their mother tongue. For our local customers, we give you the chance to effortlessly make your baby bi- or even trilingual!

We also believe that all parents need time for themselves, and a happy family is one where mom has the opportunity to relax. That is why our institution is created not only for children. Our goal is to make their parents' lives easier. We offer packages with different terms of visit - full day, part time, hourly payment, weekend club. If you want to spend the evening with your half or friends, please - a special evening package is provided for you. If you are going on a business trip or vacation, we also have night shifts.

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