52, Antonovycha St, Kyiv

About the place

The territory where “DEPO” conference hall is situated has a long history.

In 1877 baron von Steingel family (brothers Maxim and Rudolf) moved from Talinn to Kyiv. In 1885 elder brother Maxim Steingel bought ” First metalweaving factory in Russia” located on Kuznechna Str. (now Antotnovycha), 50 and changed its name to “Russian metal blade plant”. In Kyv it was known simply as “Steingel plant”.

Events in 1917 forced baron von Steingel family moved Tuapse in Caucasus region. His property and business including the plant were nationalized by Bolshevik government…

The end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century was a period of rapid development and industrialization of Kyiv, particularly Kuznechna street (Antonovycha), which was transformed into an industry center. In 1906 the first tram depo was opened on Kuznechna Str., 52-54 (Antonovycha) near the Steingel plant and lasted till 2005.

Thanks to such neighbourhood “DEPO” conference hall opened in 2017 got its name.

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