1 Lubomir Husar Ave

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About the place

 The center of culture and arts of NAU is located on Komarova Avenue, 1 (the landmark is a large plane about 8 corps).

 Student towns are a special story, there are always a lot of events, laughter and hanging out. And such a concert venue, where you can discover talents and spend time abruptly - is simply necessary. 

By the way, the location seems to have been created for carrying out humorous events. It is here that the opening of new seasons and all the qualifying concerts of the "Kiev League of Laughter" TV channel "1 + 1". And also a variety of performances, musicals and shows.

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Next to Тhe Center of Culture and Arts of NAU


Інститут екологічної безпеки Національного авіаційного університету

383 m. 1К5 1К5, проспект Космонавта Комарова, Київ, Украина, 03680

(044) 406-74-88


Hookah Nights Air

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Forsage Dance Club

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Restaurant "Khan Yuuan" on Solomenka

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Library named after O. Dovzhenko

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Westend Hostel Kiev

534 m. 12 Zakhidnaya Street, Kyiv

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Climbing wall

Skeledrome of NAU

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Another Theater

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Rope park "Sonyachny"

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