12 Zakhidnaya Street, Kyiv

Review 5

Arron Yare

Enjoyed my stay here.
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Shahar Hart

A nice cheap place to sleep. They got 2 separate shared restrooms and 2 shared showers. The showers are together inside a room with a glass door that can be locked from the inside. Each shower had a curtain. Everything was clean and organized. Staff is nice, but doesn't know English. A pretty quiet place didn't see many people around during my stay, but I did hear some people walk by while I was in my room. You do hear everything from the hallway and other rooms. The rooms do get quite warm in the summer, and the windows cannot open all the way. Over all a chill experience when you just need a place to sleep for the night and leave by morning.
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Victoria Sadovnikova

It's good, very clean. It's not far from Zhuliany airport.
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sergii kyrpenko

Good place to stay
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Basil Soufi

Feels more like a hotel than a hostel. Friendly and attentive staff. Basic shopping and decent restaurants within walking distance. Modern and very clean facilities. Laundry service is excellent and affordable. Great value and close to Kiev (Zhuliany) International Airport (IEV/UKKK).
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Next to Westend Hostel Kiev


Library named after O. Dovzhenko

81 m. 11 Zakhidna Stк, Kyiv

(044) 457-78-66


Hookah Nights Air

287 m. вулиця Ніжинська, 10, Київ, Украина, 03058

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Restaurant "Khan Yuuan" on Solomenka

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414 m. 26/2, street Garmatnaya, BC Rostok, Kyiv

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Night club

Volume Club

415 m. 26/2 Garmatnaya Str., Kyiv

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Night club

Forsage Dance Club

484 m. 51A, вулиця Гарматна, Київ, Украина, 03058

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Very Well Cafe (Levanevsky)

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Park Orlyatko

532 m. 7В, бульвар Вацлава Гавела, 7В, Київ, Ukraine, 02000


Library №11 for adults

584 m. 21 street General Tupikova str, Kyiv

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Інститут екологічної безпеки Національного авіаційного університету

595 m. 1К5 1К5, проспект Космонавта Комарова, Київ, Украина, 03680

(044) 406-74-88

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