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Upcoming events in Botanical Garden named after O. V. Fomin

In four days
With kids | Outdoor | Culture

Quest "Jumanji: The Beginning" for children in the Botanical Garden. Fomin

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Sun 06 Dec 11:30-12:30

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It's awesome. If you are one for nature and walking then it cool. There are mini kiosk where foods are sold ( basically snacks) ..the fare is quite cheap as well . Only 50 hryvnia
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Ceren Usalan

Beautiful and huge park inside Kiev city, near to city centre and easy to reach by metro. It's a great green area inside the city. Nice place to breathe and rest when you're visiting the city.
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Pauline Shchygol

Great to have such a piece of paradise right in the city centre. A real pleasure to walk through the garden while on my way to work. You can meet some squirrels and hedgehogs there) Don't miss the blooming of magnolias in April!
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Yuriy Kurant

A quiet oasis within busy downtown. This is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Ukraine founded way back in 1839. First plants were taken from Kremenets Botanical Garden (350 km to the west). Spring is the best time for a visit to enjoy blooming season, especially of magnolias and lilac. Garden trails and pathways are being actively renovated - so garden gets more pleasant to wander around.
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Sanjeeva Nayaka

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this botanical garden. However, I could see only plant houses and everything outside is covered under snow. Stated with tropical house having plants of Madagascar and Asia, especially India. I could see here some medical and spice plants. Garden has tall glass house of about 26 meter. There are 2 trees, one gymnosperm and another palm as tall as 26 m. Best among the houses are cactus house with large collection of cactus and succulents. They are proudly say they have more than half of world's cactus. Next is 2 aquatic plant houses, one is circular and another one is rectangular in shape. Although there was not many plants due to winter, in one them about 50 species of insectivores plants were growing. The aquatic plant tank had different depth for different species of plants. Rain water is harvested in to the tank. It was a amazing experience in the botanical garden. Staff are highly knowledgeable and cooperative, but can speak only Ukrainian or Russian, translator is must for others.
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