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In September 1987, a department of classical dance was founded on the basis of the choreographic department of the Kyiv Children's School of Arts №2 named after MI Verykivsky, headed by Tetyana Lyubchenko. An energetic, talented leader, she was able to unite and captivate still technically weak children by studying classical choreography. This is how the children's ensemble of classical dance "Yaroslavna" appeared.

During 11 years of leadership, T. Lyubchenko staged a large concert program for the ensemble's students and even two ballet performances - "The Nutcracker" (1994) and "The Snow Queen" (1996). The ensemble began to travel abroad and visited many European countries. Yaroslavna's trip to India turned out to be unforgettable (the result of the cooperation of the art school with the Indian Embassy in Ukraine).

   The children were taught by professional ballet dancers - L. Smorgachev, NA, O. Levushkin, Ukraine, I. Gordiychuk, V. Shuvalov, Y. Tarasov, O. Drozdov, etc. contributed to raising the technical and acting level of students. Moreover, the leading ballet dancers of various theaters of Kyiv took part in the ballet performances of the ensemble.

   But, starting from 1998 (with the departure of T. Lyubchenko to America), the ensemble began to gradually lose the only clear line in its creative policy. And although the ensemble continued to work on new choreographic miniatures, there was even a performance of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" directed by B. Borisov, a number of factors - such as frequent changes in leadership and teaching staff of the ensemble, insufficient careful selection of children on admission . - led to the fact that the ensemble turned into something like an amateur dance group.

   Today's leadership (acting Iryna Hordiychuk and Kostiantyn Hordiychuk) revived and increased the creative reputation of the children's ensemble of classical dance "Yaroslavna", actively promoting a professional approach in all creative areas and issues.

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