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St. Andrew's Church - a monument of history, architecture, painting and decorative arts of the XVIII century. of world importance. It was built in 1747-1762 in the Baroque style by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

Among the sacred monuments, designed by architect F.-B. Rastrelli, the interiors of most of which have been partially preserved, and the original decoration has not been preserved at all, or has survived in small fragments, St. Andrew's Church has preserved not only authentic architectural forms and the largest percentage of exterior decoration, but also fully conveyed to our days its interior decoration, which is a perfect example of the Orthodox church interior of the Baroque style.

A joint creation of the genius architect F.-B. Rastrelli, human hands and nature gave rise to a unique monument, which lightness and elegance of composition, harmonious fusion of all its parts into a single whole, connection with the surrounding nature became a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and served as an unsurpassed example to follow in the construction of religious buildings. community building of St. Andrew's Church is included in the catalog "1000 wonders of the world. Masterpieces of Humanity on Five Continents ", published in Germany in 2002. Given the extraordinary value of the monument, our state has submitted proposals for the inclusion of St. Andrew's Church in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

St. Andrew's Church was built by order of the Russian Empress Elizabeth as part of the Kiev royal residence, consisting of the Tsar's (Mary's) Palace and the palace church, and in September 1744 construction. The temple was built at a considerable distance from the Tsar's Palace on a steep section of the Old Kiev Plateau, which served as a kind of natural pedestal for the construction of the church. At this place, according to the chronicle "The Tale of Bygone Years", the Apostle Andrew the First-Called - the first preacher of Christianity in the lands of Kievan Rus - in the first century AD. erected a cross and foretold the emergence of a large city. Beginning in the 11th century, wooden and stone churches in honor of Andrew the First-Called were built and eventually destroyed here. The design of St. Andrew's Church was entrusted to the chief architect of the imperial court F.-B. Shooting. Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli (1700-1771) was born in Paris into the family of the Italian sculptor and architect Carlo Rastrelli, who worked at the time at the court of King Louis XIV. In 1716, Peter I invited K. Rastrelli to work in Russia, where he came with his assistant - his son Francesco.

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