23 Andriyivsky Uzviz Str, Kyiv

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Brett Campbell

Great place to spend the afternoon. The parks and cafes nearby are some of the best in town.
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Nikkita-Lee Crombie

This place was just beautiful. It was closed when we arrived but even just walking around was breathtaking.
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Stef van Schijndel

Another one of the gorgeous churches of Kiev, though this one is a museum now. We didn't go in, so no info how interesting the museum is, but it takes a pretty picture. The street down on the left side of the church is also interesting. Lots of little stalls that sell all sorts of souvenirs. And walk towards the park to find a some art sellers. Not all paintings are great, but there were some really nice ones to be found
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Dorothy Willson

Absolutely stunning! It's one of the most beautiful churches I've seen. I can't stop admiring Orthodox church architecture with all paintings, icons, mosaics and all.
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