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A useful compilation for those who have consciously given up meat or all animal-derived products. we share where to eat in the capital if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

B12 Candy Bar

B12 Candy Bar

24 Mezhyhirska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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When it comes to B12 Candy Bar, nestled in the picturesque historic part of the capital, you should definitely indulge in their healthy plant-based sweets. Natural dyes are used everywhere here (turmeric, mint), and honey and maple syrup are used instead of sugar. We especially recommend savoring their marshmallow, mousse cake, brownie, and lavender cookies.

Visitors come to B12 Candy Bar not only for the sweet treats. They also prepare salads and sandwiches here. To complement your snacks, it's best to enjoy the finest cocoa on coconut milk or their signature blue tea with an orchid.

Where: 24 Mezhyhirska Street.



9 Fedorova str., Kyiv

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Eating soup right on the street? Why not! "Soup Culture" is not just an ordinary (actually extraordinary) dining establishment; it's a whole culture. Where else would you try soup served in a container made of rice or buckwheat that's just as delicious as the soup itself? First, it's convenient, and second, it's eco-friendly. You can relish your soup in an edible cup even without a spoon, although if you need one, "Soup Culture" offers wooden ones.

Every day, they prepare four types of soups to choose from (mushroom, lentil, beet, pumpkin, cheese, and Mexican with black beans), samosas, falafel, and vegan sweets. Most of the soups are potato-free and generally quite diet-friendly. Of course, there's no meat or fish on the menu.

By the way, the owners of "Soup Culture" didn't limit themselves to Ukraine; they've opened their locations in Slovakia, Poland, and Belarus. Foreigners are thrilled with "soup to go," to say the least.

Where: 9 Ivan Fedorov Street, 40/2 Volodymyrska Street.

One Planet


15 Mala Zhytomyrska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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The founders of One Planet are known as gastronomic vegan innovators and experimenters. They tirelessly come up with new dishes and share recipes with other establishments, just as they did with their signature cheeseburger with pumpkin falafel.

Guests here are delighted not only with delicious dishes, but One Planet also hosts workshops, lectures, and musical evenings regularly.

Not long ago, the cafe relocated and changed its format, and its staff gained new experiences by traveling to Europe. Now, One Planet has plans to open a new spacious outdoor patio.

Where: 15 Mala Zhytomyrska Street.


"Dom" cannot be simply called a cafe, as it's a true art space where there's something to do round the clock. After enjoying a meal during the day and sipping on their signature cocktail in the evening, make sure to stay for a concert, party, or DJ performance.

But if you're interested in food alone, don't worry; one of "Dom's" signature dishes is the burger with mushrooms and caramelized onions. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend the strawberry pavlova and a raw berry mousse with seasonal berries.

Where: 10/5 Sahaidachnoho Street.


Buterbrod - Sumasbrod

2 Bessarabskaya square, Kyiv

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To discover a health-conscious establishment with the charming name "Бутерброд-Sumasbrod," head to Bessarabska Market. You can choose to comfortably dine at the bar or take your food to go.

The female owners of this establishment drew inspiration from the open Danish sandwich, smørrebrød, and have crafted their own delicious sandwiches, cream soups, porridge, and salads. Come here for the French lentil soup, beet hummus, tofu sandwiches, and mint-chocolate cookies.

Where: Bessarabska Square, 2.



16/108 Symona Petlyury str., Kyiv

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The owners emphasize that their vegetarian food is exceptionally nutritious and filling, and this is indeed the case, especially if you choose the Super Combo.

In addition to a variety of sandwiches, salads, desserts, and soups, you can also try healthy smoothies with superfoods. In our top picks are the Smoked Nori Sandwich and the Pineapple Spirulina Smoothie.

Where: 16/108 Simona Petlyury Street.

Vegano Hooligano Gourmet / KH.L.A.M.

Vegano Hooligano

23/22 Mezhigirska str., Kyiv

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To indulge in world-class vegan hits, visit Vegano Hooligano Gourmet/KH.L.A.M. Here, you can try the veg-dog, a sausage in flatbread made from wheat flour with creatively crafted sauces. This includes Ukrainian peanut basil pesto and a grainy mustard sauce mixed with grapes, soy sauce, and salt. It's worth noting that even the salt used in the dishes is not ordinary but Himalayan salt, which has a unique aroma.

Visiting Vegano Hooligano Gourmet/KH.L.A.M. is not just about the food; you can also enjoy tabletop games and watch performances by musicians and artists.

Where: 23/22 Mezhyhirska Street.



20 Illinska Str., Kyiv

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To try vegetarian okroshka with cashew cream is the first thing you should do at KOLO. For the main course, be sure to check out their raw zucchini spaghetti with pesto sauce or raw spring rolls with Peking cabbage, microgreens, black sesame, and cucumber.

The signature dish of the establishment is the "wurger" with spinach bun, tofu, hummus, cashew cheese, and Lola Rosa salad. For dessert, we recommend the mixed chocolate, and for drinks, lemonades and coffee, which, by the way, are prepared with almond, coconut, and poppyseed milk.

Where: 20 Illinska Street.

Savage Food

Savage Food

31 Nizhnyoyurkivska Street, Kyiv

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The recently opened cafe on Nyzhnoiurkivska Street, Savage Food, is yet another delight for vegetarians. The head chef of the establishment is the musician and DJ, Alex Savage.

At Savage Food, they prepare sandwiches in buns and rolls in lavash. Some of them are vegan (with tofu, seitan, and soy cutlet), while others contain animal products, such as goat cheese. You can also try the dish of the day and soup of the day in the cafe and enjoy smoothies, tea, or lemonade (vanilla lemonade is the tastiest).

Where: 31 Nyzhnoiurkivska Street.



13/34 Mezigirskaya str., Kyiv

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Calling all hummus enthusiasts! You must visit here because they make hummus fantastically!

At Hum:Hum, they offer six variations of chickpea puree to suit your taste: classic, children's, pumpkin, beetroot, roasted pepper, and avocado. You can also add olives, vegetable sticks, or falafel to your hummus if you wish. If chickpea puree isn't your thing, indulge in pitas, soups, salads, french fries, and grandmother's cheesecakes.

Where: 13/34 Mezhyhirska Street.


Author: Ira Maimur

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Интересно, а киевский Vegano Hooligano - это "родственник" одноименного заведения во Львове? Если да - точно стоит посетить, в львовском Vegano прекрасная кухня и атмосфера.