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«Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano. According to the Italian proverb: "If your approach to life is calm and relaxed, then you will live longer and be healthier." And this is the kind of lifestyle that both our guests and our Vapianists associate. It's been our way since the first Vapiano opened in Hamburg (Germany) on October 22, 2002, at Hohen Bleichen. Two years later, the founders made the decision to launch Vapiano on a worldwide tour in line with the franchise concept. more than 191 Vapianos in 32 countries on 5 continents, and many international openings planned for the future.

In cities around the world, people who meet in our laid-back atmosphere are united by one important trait: the love of enjoying life and living and communicating easily.

Long oak tables in Vapianos are an open invitation to communicate with friends, family, or just with other guests. Guests will be greeted with an easy conversation in good company, where everyone talks, laughs, and, of course, is served a fine lunch or dinner.

Our guests can order pasta, pizza, assorted snacks and salads directly from the chefs at individual stations in downtown Vapiano. Chefs prepare all dishes to order in the presence of guests. Everyone can order a meal prepared according to their personal preferences. Favorite dishes can be created, and subsequently individually supplemented according to the wishes of the guest. The herbs and greens on the tables serve not only as decorations but also as a complement to the special taste of each dish.

Guests can see with their own eyes how pasta and desserts are made every day in the glazed MANUFACTTURA in the middle of each Vapiano. Our pizza dough, sauces and seasonings and our pesto are cooked in the restaurant itself and will be guaranteed to be made with the finest ingredients. Every Vapiano around the world cares about delivering their own food, which is why Vapiano has no central production.

Those who wish to enjoy coffee after dinner or drinks can go from the table to the bar or to the cozy lounge. Thanks to the smart card system, they will simply pay for their own food when they leave the restaurant.

Vapiano is the perfect place for a quick lunch, afternoon break or a nice dinner with friends or family.

Review 7

Uros Marcic

Another great Vapiano experience. If you like Italian food, you’re gonna enjoy it.
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Mary Khomatska

Гарно, смачно, дорого! Мені особисто не подобається система самообслуговування, що треба самим блюдо забирати.
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Iryna Shtohryn

If you’re into Italian food, you definitely should visit this place. Yummy pasta, standard portion made me full, and prices are quite reasonable. You can watch cooks while there’re making your food, which is an entertainment of some kind !
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Anna Demchenko

Демократичное место! Никаких назойливых официантов, скучных хостес и ожиданий. Все быстро, четко и очень вкусно - лучший формат для большого города! Цены радуют, свежесть продуктов тоже!
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alexey hermann

Good service and good food. I like the fact that Vapiano has the same service and same taste in every city. It’s pet friendly and when I come here with my dogs they get a bowl of water.
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Андрей Савченко

Гарно але і ціни не маленькі. Місце більш підходить аби смачно поїсти аніж довго посидіти з вином. Цікава форма оплати і обслуговування. Ви замовляйте все на картку яку вам видадуть а потім коли виходите уже її оплачуєте .
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Дуже смачна італійська кухня. Тут діє система карток - кожному відвідувачу видають картку, на яку записується замовлення на спеціальних станціях. Тут є декілька станцій: станція з пастою, салатами, піццею. Також тут діє самообслуговування. На другому поверсі є окрема невеличкий бар з кавою, алкоголем та іншими напоями. Все замовлення оплачується на виході, де касир зачитує інформацію про замовлення.
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