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Tolstiy & Tonkiy is a new restaurant for connoisseurs of culinary fashion in the center of Kiev, which opens it in a completely different light.

Located in the heart of the capital, in a quiet courtyard behind the arch, this restaurant immediately adjusts to a friendly and sincere mood. Timeless and solid interior designed by well-known design studio YODEEZEN. The atmosphere of strict solemnity gives rise to the basic elements of nature: here the fire burns silently in the fireplace and enlivens the stone on the walls with its warmth, absorbed in black.

Impossible is possible: the designers managed to invisibly merge space with 20 tons of metal, subjecting to various experiments: wine cabinets and shelves for hanging plants, book shelves and handrails on the stairs, curtain frames and chandeliers - all made of metal and inspires solidity and respect. The balance of opposites creates harmony. This design thought is subordinated to the union of cold iron and a unique wooden panel at the entrance, on which a reproduction of Italian wedding artist Pompeo Bottoni, “The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche.”

Restaurant Thick and Thin is ready to amaze. The trendy cuisine of Asia and Europe creates a bright mix of tastes and gastronomic discoveries. In the kitchen of the new restaurant runs the brand chef with invaluable experience. Spicy sharpness - a feature of the menu Tolstiy & Tonkiy and its character. All dishes give invariably Asian hue due to spices and sauces, one of the secret ingredients of which is juzu juice. And in order to preserve the texture and convey the taste of the dish as much as possible, the brand chef uses only high-quality products, which is why the Peruvian ceviche and tiradito in the nikkei style can argue with the original recipes. American and Australian beef steaks, Chilean sea bass, Atlantic blue tuna, Icelandic scallops and Black Sea brine on a traditional Asian robat grill get the taste of Asia in the restaurant Fat and Thin

A tasty dish is unthinkable without good accompaniment. Vinoteka impressive scale. In Fat and Thin, you can study the wine map of the world without leaving the capital. Here are collected 90 kinds of wines, which are stored in the original wine coolers. The finer the taste of a gourmet, the higher the sommelier will climb the stairs. The delicacy of seafood, cheeses and tartares will be revealed by Soave Pieropan from the Italian region of Veneto and Burgundy Puligny-Montrachet, which you can try in a friendly company. Red wines from Tuscany Kurni and Sassicaia will brighten up your evening. A holiday will support the sparkling wines Ferrari Rose and Prosseco Guja. There is always a good time here - with live music, author cocktails and delicious hookah.

“Tolstiy & Tonkiy is a restaurant with a human face,” say its hospitable creators about the restaurant. Here every guest is welcome. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and high standards of service - the main philosophy of the restaurant Tolstoy and Thin - a restaurant for the soul and refined gourmets.

Review 5

Per Christian Hansen

Very good food and good service
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Glenn Savel

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idan deli

Amazing seafood and good prices
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Daniel Najera

The food and service was 5 star, wonderful. The place interior is elegantly decorated and very romantic. Just be prepared to spend north of $100 for a dinner for two but well worth it.
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Kirill P

Love this place. Nice design, the staff is great. Has a good cocktail list and wine list as well. The sommelier is a very cool guy. The food is nice, with mixed cuisines. The prices, however, are higher than average.
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