Baseina St, 2А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Past events

Лютый Hip-Hop l 1 марта l ТАО

Fri 01 Mar 21:00-02:00

Мастер-класс "Идеальный ивент-подрядчик"

Thu 06 Jun 17:00-21:00

OG Buda

Sat 11 Apr 20:00-23:00

Review 4

Тамара Сарнык

very good place with great music, very comfortable
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Ivan Gromuha

Sky bar is big club but very nice
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Taras Resadov

TAO was amazing and recently rebuild like the most popular international club in the world, he received the most famous DJ in the world and frequently visited by star... this club is not very big so the amount of people was restricted to amount... table was frequently pre-sold around 100$/us. Or wen special event 200$/us. Normaly Entry ticket only was around 20$/us.each. the club have strict dress control and face control for entry for men and woman... less if you are know from the club or star... a lot of beautiful girl frequent this club weekly for meet normaly the amount of girl is selected for beign more than men...
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freddy LZ

Cool place, the configuration of the club inside is really good, Perfect for club best vibe possible... The only thing that make if the night is good or really not is who is the artist of the night !!! Problem is: (No face control or dress code that make some disgusting people are in the club with sloppy clothe) (Majority of the time the club is loaded of really young people around 18 y/o.) So a lot of jostling between people and more if the club is to maximum capacity of 1500 people... they also not autorisee shisha smoking to the club !
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