Kanevsky reservoir, the village of Gusintsy, Kiev region.

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When creating Kanevsky vdhr. in 1972 several villages were flooded in the vicinity of Rzhishchev. On the site of the former with. Gusintsy preserved half-flooded Transfiguration Church with a bell tower. It was built by the local landowner Gusinsky in 1812 (according to other sources in 1822). The temple in the style of Ukrainian Baroque stood on a hill that turned into an island. To get to it in summer it was possible only by water, and in winter it was possible to approach on ice from the opposite bank of the Dnieper from Rzhishchev (a difficult entrance through the forest). For a long time the church remained dilapidated. In 2009, shore protection work began, raising the level of the island and rebuilding the temple. Currently, internal design work is underway. A long bridge connects the island with the shore, where the Nikolaev monastery monastery was recently founded. In summer, you can organize a trip to the island in a motor boat from Rzhischevsky pier.

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