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Unequipped observation deck. A place where a wonderful landscape opens. The Ivan-Gora tract is located on the banks of the Dnieper on the southeastern outskirts of Rzhishchev, to the right of the pier.
On top of a mountain 174 meters high in the 19th century. an ancient Russian settlement of the 11th-13th centuries was identified, identified with the chronicle fortified city of Ivan (mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle of 1151). Remains of wooden fortifications found. In the XVI century, a Polish fortress was built on Ivan Mountain, which in 1663 was used by the troops of King Jan Casimir as a bridgehead for the invasion of the Left Bank (according to one version, the mountain bears the name of King Jan, that is, Ivan). After the construction of the Kanevskaya hydroelectric station, the process of erosion and washing of the mountain with the waters of the Kanevsky reservoir began.

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Transfiguration Church

4,49 km. Kanevsky reservoir, the village of Gusintsy, Kiev region.