Kiev region, Makarov district, with. Sosnovka, st. Rakitnyanskaya 30a

About the place

The history, philosophy and culture of the Russian bath has many years. Let us ask ourselves the question: "Why do people go to the bath?" There are a lot of answers, but there is the most important, it is very simple - a person goes to the bath to bathe, to warm his body. And the benefits of warming up the human body have been known and proven for a very long time.

"Sosnovsky Baths" is a recreation complex based on the process of the Russian bath. He absorbed the centuries-old experience of our ancestors of the Slavs, and it is confirmed by the knowledge of modern medicine on the reaction of our body to thermal stress.

The process of soaring in the "Sosnovsky baths" is unique. And the uniqueness of the process lies only in one thing - it increases the warming up of the human body vomnogokrat stronger than all known processes in the world.

Do not believe? And you come and check!
Always welcome to all true connoisseurs of the "Russian bath"!

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