st. 30th Anniversary of Victory, 1, Tomashivka, Kyiv region

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The monastery in honor of the Robe of the Mother of God in Blachernae is an eloquent example of the manor architecture of the late 19th century. The building was designed by architect Valerian Kulikovsky in 1903 for the gentry Khoecki, who owned the local lands for more than 100 years. In Soviet times, a school was located here, and the monastery was founded in 2000. Since then, the forces of the fraternity in the building have carried out large-scale repair and restoration work. Around the estate there is a great number of flower beds.

The last private owner of the estate was the hereditary Polish gentry Sigismund Hoecki. Previously, the roof gable was decorated with a spire due to the fact that the structure was secular. Now, instead of him, a cross rises. Once upon a time, an ash-tree alley 600 meters long led to the estate. Now, the road to the monastery is decorated with sculptures of lions. In addition to numerous arbors, the park is replete with monuments on a religious theme. In addition, the monastery has a small zoo with cloven-hoofed animals and rare species of birds. Around the monastery was erected a pseudo-old picturesque wall and watch towers. Despite the warning sign prohibiting photography, tourists can verbally ask permission - the inhabitants of the monastery do not refuse anyone.

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Алина Юнге

Вчора видалась поїздка до с. Томашівка Фастівського району Київської області. Об'єктом дослідження стала садиба Яна Хоєцького та його синів. Відреставрований дім був силами та коштами монахів чоловічого Монастиря, який зараз в тій самій садибі і розташовуються. Багато чого було відновлено: фасади основної будівлі, паркова зона. Побудовані нові часовні. Багато біблійних експозицій. Як в музеї. В середину будівлі потрапити не вдалось. Але дуже здивував та порадував невеличкий зоопарк при дворі Монастиря. Все чистенько і доглянуто. Хочу приїхати сюди ще й влітку.
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Base "Ribatskiy cordon"

1,78 km. st. Shchorsa, 2, p. Yaroshovka, Fastovsky district

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Sosnovsky baths

2,03 km. Kiev region, Makarov district, with. Sosnovka, st. Rakitnyanskaya 30a

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