176, Antonovicha Street, Kyiv

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My thoughts are quiet - the grand premiere in Kуіv

Tue 14 Jan 19:30-22:30

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Artem Yanchuk

Nice cinema but a little bit more expensive than others.
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Mohand Dark

For the standards of Kiev, it's a pretty good place to enjoy time with family, plus there are plenty of English box office movies each week. Food and drinks are available at pretty much the same prices as everywhere
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Griffin Puff

4D-X thing is freaking amazing!! I've seen 2 movies in this format and both were very fun and felt a bit like a roller-coaster. The only thing I wish they had is larger sizes for caramel popcorn cause they only have small 1 liter ones and it's just not enough :) A lot of size options for those who like salty or cheesy popcorn tho so those people are in luck.
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Next to Cinema CINEMA CITI


Ресторан "Марлин"

22 m. ТРЦ Ocean Plaza, вулиця Антоновича, Київ, Украина, 03150

(099) 308-99-28



44 m. ТРЦ Ocean Plaza, вулиця Антоновича, 176, Київ, Украина, 02000

(067) 620-34-43

Amusement park

Happylon Ocean Park

52 m. 176 Antonovicha street (Ocean plaza Mall), 2 floor

(044) 360-25-37


Istina & Vino

52 m. Antonovicha street, 176, Ocean Plaza mall

(066) 251-63-69


Sunset Cinema Club

55 m. st. Antonovich, 176

(063) 239-33-91


58 m. SEC "Ocean Plaza, st.Antonovich, 176

(067) 440-38-20

Shopping mall

Ocean Plaza Mall

58 m. 176, Antonovycha St, Kyiv

(044) 591-39-09



127 m. ТРЦ Ocean Plaza, вулиця Антоновича, 176, Київ, Украина, 03150

(044) 237-79-28

Arugula (Ocean Plaza)

140 m. st. Antonovich, 176, Kiev

(050) 353-96-86

City Beach Club

170 m. Antonovicha Street, 176, Kyiv

(066) 629-55-55

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