176, Antonovycha St, Kyiv

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Sun 27 May 12:00 - Sun 03 Jun 22:00

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Аня Кушик

Cool athmosphere. A lot of shops for different tastes and prices. Big aquarium on the second floor. Watery theme in the center. Close to the metro station. A lot of young people are there. And guards on entrance so you feel safe. Amazing mall. My favorite mall in Kyiv for now.
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Charles Tony

Amazing place where we can find approximately everything we want. But the most important things that every human being is only find in Jesus who's the light, way & the truth
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Jeff Hery

I found it quite enjoyable. I liked the aquarium. The shops were well maintained and had professional window displays. At a time when malls are closing in my country, the U.S. it was like stepping back to their zenith in the nineteen sixties and seventies.
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H.Jerome Ward

I had an excellent time here. I was on a date and this was first stop here for a stem of wine an get acquainted. There is an excellent wine bar with open air sidewalk style bistro seating to connect with your companion and to people watch. I highly recommend this high-energy mall.
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