Bohuslav, Kyiv Oblast

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Boguslavl is a regional landscape park in Ukraine. Located in the city of Boguslav, Kyiv region.

Area 7.5 hectares. It is managed by the Boguslav plant of communal enterprises. The park was created on the basis of the natural monument "Exposure of Boguslav granites" by the decision of the Kyiv Regional Council dated 12.12.2008 № 391-21-V and is under state protection.

Boguslavl Landscape Park stretches for 1.5 kilometers along the Ros River and has an area of ​​7.5 hectares, of which 4 hectares are occupied by the geological natural monument "Exposure of Boguslav granites". The canyon is formed by light gray, biotite, medium-grained, pink-gray pegmatoid granites. These minerals are about 2 billion years old, and they belong to the geological era of the Paleoproterozoic. The rest of the territory, which is 3.5 hectares, is occupied by the central city park, similar to the island: it is "cut" by rivers. The park is adapted for recreation. The park has a variety of infrastructure, as well as a monument to the legendary heroine Marusya-Boguslavka - one of the symbols and business cards of Boguslav. On the site where the monument to Marusya Boguslavka now stands, the Orthodox Church of the Intercession stood in the 17th century, where her father conducted services.

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Boguslavsky granite outcrop

309 m. 48 Korsunska Street, Boguslav, Kyiv region

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Private farm "Fishing-Park" on Rosi

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