09740, Kiev region, Boguslavsky district, s. Hohitva, st. Garden w / n

About the place

Ideal place for: family vacation, fishing, corporate events, water recreation.

The main attraction of the private farm "Fishing-Park" on Ros (Boguslav) is a cascade of lakes that create an atmosphere of unity with nature, and the created infrastructure of the complex allows everyone to organize their vacation at their own will.

Leisure and entertainment options

First of all, the recreation complex is positioned as a place where you can fish and at the same time get real pleasure from this process. In each of the lakes, it is possible to catch silver carp, pike, crucian carp, pike perch, grass carp and carp. The fisherman's place is equipped with comfortable wooden masonry and is in the shade of tall trees. You can sit on any of the three lakes, including "Forest", "Trophy" and "Cool".

And also the complex is a luxurious choice for connoisseurs of passive leisure. It is here that you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and clean air. Each guest can easily find something to their liking, whether it is rest in a house, dugout or fishing. Visitors to the base note after visiting it a significant surge of strength, vitality and vivid emotions. That only there is a picturesque coast, the beauty of age-old trees, wild animals, berries, numerous mushrooms and an abundance of wildflowers.

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