34B Stepan Bandery, Kyiv

About the place

The Planet Kino cinema chain appeared in 2008. In Kiev, in the RC “Blockbuster”, we opened the first IMAX cinema in Ukraine.

In 2010, we immediately launched 2 cinemas with IMAX and CINETECH + halls: the 9-screen in Odessa in the Riviera shopping center and the 7-screen in Lviv in the King Cross Leopolis shopping center.

Two years later, we opened a 7-hall cinema in Kharkov with IMAX and CINETECH + cinema technologies. In 2013, the first 4DX cinema hall appeared in Ukraine.

In 2013, the city of Sumy joined us with the 5-hall Cinema Planet and CINETECH + technology.

In 2014, instead of one Odessa cinema in the Riviera shopping center, we opened two new cinemas in the City Center shopping and entertainment centers. In Odessa, you can watch movies in IMAX, 4DX cinemas and 5 CINETECH + halls - on Tairov or in 5 CINETECH + halls - on Kotovsky.

In September 2015, we pleased Lviv with a second cinema in the city center in the Forum Lviv mall. Here we opened a 4DX room and 5 CINETECH + enhanced comfort rooms.

In 2016, we expanded the Kiev Cinema Planet and opened 13 rooms at once: IMAX, 4DX, 8 CINETECH + rooms and 3 RE'LUX cinema halls.

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