34-V Stepan Bandera Ave, RC "Blockbuster"

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Dennis Howland

Need one of these (or more) in the US! Basically, it gives kids the opportunity to pretend to be firefighters, TV reporters, factory workers, policemen, etc.. Like a huge job fair for children. Cool.
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Pavel Gusak

Good kid place overall, but not for a 5 year old kid.
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Hai Vo

Very cool environment for kids to learn serious games or life. They learn not only jobs but also learn the use of money and how to earn it. The area is on the same floor as Blockbuster cinema. It is totally closed to leave your kids safely. You can bring your food and drinks and there is some snack food available. You do need to plan activities inside as not all activities are available all the time. As a parent you need to wait a lot. So bring a book or go together with another parent.
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Nadia Bernadska

Very edycational and a lot of fun for kids. They learn the concept of earning money trying various jobs from a dentist to a theater actor and an interviewer. The money earned they spend on other activities like a makeup or partucipating in more exiting job related activities like catching a criminal in a police car or firefighting using real water and hoses. On the downside, it is crowded and the queues are rather long, but all in all it is well worth the experience.
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