Klemanska Street, 3, Kyiv

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Does your child love to spend the evening fighting opponents in a new toy, outrun all rivals in a super-car on the streets of the city at night, or does he become the world champion in football? Then our new unique, traditionally the first and only project in the world will surprise and delight you and your child! The unique Patibass Game Bus Infinity is not just a patibass, in the usual sense of this entertainment, it is also a unique multimedia complex equipped with 14 TVs transmitting high quality pictures, where 28 people can simultaneously play the PlayStation 4 with excellent sound and light! Spend your holiday as you like it, dance, sing, play! For you on board the Lead-Dj-Game instructor, Bartender, driver. This is one of those cases when it is not easy to describe and fully convey emotions in words, so we suggest you book and be one of the first! A new level of entertainment will be available very soon!

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Valentina Boboshko

Мы провели незабываемо время, полное позитивных впечатлений и эмоций, отличный сервис и самый крутой розовый лимузин, как раз то что нужно для незабываемого девичника! Прекрасный водитель, который катал нас по центру Киева и без единого слова, фотографировал нас и сделал крутые фотки, этот вечер запомниться на долго!????
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