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For 10 years of existence in the culinary field of Ukraine, we have done a lot:

  • We created a TV project for which more than 2000 interesting videos were filmed.
  • We founded the Children's Culinary School, thanks to which we are trying to instill in the smallest cooks a love of tasty and healthy food.
  • Launched an online store of dishes and appliances from the best global manufacturers
  • They opened a culinary school for all, in which they held more than 200 culinary workshops.
  • They released 3 cookbooks - “Culinary Diary”, “Spirit Mania”, Cook Book.
  • They created the Children's Culinary Camp, which works when all schools have holidays
  • Opened 5 restaurants. True, 4 of them are only for 1 day (and that was planned), and 5 - in the very heart of Kiev
  • We held 127 corporate events, organized 76 lectures, 19 presentations and 9 exclusive events not only in Ukraine, but also abroad
  • We constantly participate in culinary and charity festivals throughout Ukraine (“Courage Bazar”, “WhatThat Elephant”, “Street Food”, “City Food Festival”, “Three Days in the Garden”, “Blagofest”, “Lviv on a Plate”)

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