15 Brovarsky avenue, Kyiv

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Exhibition | Fashion

Kyiv Fashion 10-12 сентября 2019

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Tue 10 Sep 10:00-18:00

Conference "Podolog: Formula for Success!"

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Wed 18 Sep 09:00 - Fri 20 Sep 16:00
Business | Exhibition

International Expoforum of FoReCh Restaurant and Hotel Business and Cleaning

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Wed 25 Sep 10:00-18:00
With kids | Fair | Exhibition

Embroidery Day at HANDMADE-Expo Autumn 2019!

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Fri 27 Sep 10:00-19:00
Business | Forum

V Industry Forum "Cottage Towns: Territory of Service"

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Fri 11 Oct 09:00-17:00
Business | Exhibition

Local to Global 2019

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Tue 29 Oct 09:00-16:00

Past events

The Chemical Brothers

Sat 15 Jun 20:00-23:00

Max Barskih - Kyiv

Thu 29 Nov 21:00-00:00

Max Barskih in Kiev

Thu 29 Nov 20:00-22:00

Review 5

Andy Pollard

The IEC is much better than I anticipated and very suitable for quite large exhibitions. Next it is a large Novus supermarket which is very handy for all your supplies and sundries. Only bug was strict Ukrainian rules which meant you can go in and out of the entrance but only out of the exit. Now I hear you cry, so what, well the toilets and coffee sales are in the lobby of the exit. So if you go out for the use of one of these, expect to be directed across the open air atrium to get back in! Rules is rules!
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Abdulsalam Abdeen

Easy to reach the place and have a wide car parking for free , registration desk have a nice and helpful staff with very rapid services
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Kirill Marlinski

Good for exhibitions. Accessible. Large. Flexible. Bad for concerts. Acoustic characteristics are disastrous.
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Γιαννης Δελ

I went to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. It was really phenomenical for the Ukrainian technology but Globen arena and B&W hallerne were better..
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Pavel Fomenko

Good location. Nice place. Some normal cafes near.
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