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Memorial complex, dedicated to the Holodomor tragedy of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

The National Museum "The Holodomor Victims Memorial" highlights the history of the Ukrainian nation 1932-1933 genocide. The memorial museum is dedicated to the millions of Ukrainians killed during the Holodomor memory.

Review 5

Stef Lawry

Very moving well presented insight into this horrific act
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Gabriel Kopaczewski

Great museum but lack of English information, worthy to pay respect and see the true
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George Trofymov

This museum it's very impressive. I would say - this how museum sold looks like. There are not much like this in Ukraine, so that's why I appreciate this one. You can find lot of valuable information but also it just create right atmosphere. The only minutes, not very convenient way to get information in languages different from Ukrainian. Hope it will be better one day
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Bryan Essing

Excellent museum. Very informative.
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Katja Jacobs

Beautiful memorial... at the same time very intense and heavy. Gives me shivers on my body, leaves me speechless...touches your core, which is what a memorial supposed to do. We should not forget that something horrible like this genocide happened in Ukrainian and world history.
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