101, Volodymyrska Str., Kyiv

About the place

LIFT99 Kyiv Hub is the most vibrant startup community space in the heart of Kyiv. It's the place where Ukrainian and international startup worlds collide.


We are an international community of founders, future founders and the key people in startup teams, including freelancers and other creatives, building product companies to solve global problems.
Every one of our hand-picked members brings in unique value and is here to give back and learn from each other. We are here to build a 24/7 support system.
We are focused on providing every single one of our members the best support possible – maximizing their positive impact on the world – using our expertise, know-how and global network of successful founders, top accelerators, investors and partners.
We organize regular events in English connecting the local and international change makers. Each month we bring in the world’s top investors and impactful founders from Europe and Silicon Valley.
Our community has a high volume of startup founders AND we have an app called F2F Skillsharing Platform for founders to enforce business and personal growth. 
And dogs! The well behaved furry friends are more than welcome to join you on your workday.

LIFT99 Kyiv Hub is located on Volodymyrska 101 – one of the oldest streets in Kyiv known for its many historical, cultural, and educational institutions, including the iconic Taras Shevchenko National University. It’s amazingly central, yet hidden from the busiest streets nearby. The closest metro station, Olimpiiska, is just five minutes walking distance.
METRO: M2 at Olimpiiska (5 minute walk) . Easy access to both airports and the Central Railway station.

The space is fundamentally designed to evoke collaboration and innovation. From the spacious event area to the hallways, every square meter, every little detail is carefully thought-out.
The most important place in our hub is definitely the kitchen (to be precise – two of them). The kitchen is where the magic happens: it’s where new ideas are born, it’s where future cofounders and friends meet, it’s where the community connects and finds ways in which to support each other.
The hub has all the space and light needed to keep your mind bright and productivity up. It’s spread over 1800m2 on two floors. It has huge windows with the city view, open but smartly separated work areas, lounge area for both working and relaxing, huge event space, private phone booths and meeting rooms.
260 flex and fixed work desks + lounge area 
including 13 team rooms for 4-14 people
2 community kitchens 
Event venue for up to 200 people
9 meeting rooms for up to 24 people
8 phone booths
Rooftop terrace opening in summer
When you become a member at LIFT99, you join a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, creators, mentors, investors and startups of all kinds. We offer three types of membership: flex, fix, and team, starting from $200 per month. We encourage the teams also to sign up for flex and fix memberships – as the space is all about collaboration and exchanging knowledge. DETAILS AND PRICES.
“After running hackathons with Garage48 across CEE for the last 8 years, we’ve seen the potential this region holds. There’s a highly educated and “hungry” tech talent with great ideas. But there’s still a need for a solid support network. We see the impact LIFT99 could have on this region, and that’s why CEE is our very first target market.” – Ragnar Sass, the CEO and Founder of LIFT99.
And why Kyiv? We believe Ukraine has excellent talent – the challenge is to bring it to the next level, boost the entrepreneurial spirit in the country. That’s where LIFT99 comes in.
We’re more than happy to answer all the questions you have. Write our community manager Mykyta to book a tour, discuss joining with your team or any other topic at Or just contact us on Facebook. 

Review 15

Olha Karpenko

New and modern office space. Comfy rooms with fresh and energizing design.
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Kiefer Micallef

Insanely good desk/ chair quality. Tight community and great central location. One of the best co-working spaces I have been to
Information taken from

Oresta Zasadna

Сучасний дизайн. Гарне місце для заходів та конференції.
Information taken from

Оля Лопушанська

Простір сподобався своєю креативністю. Але, щоб знайти його, потрібно докласти зусиль.
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Marat Dospolov

мне так понравилось у вас в общем зале какие там столы и кресла стоят Хочу домой купить :)
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Sam Baldwin

One of the best coworking spaces I’ve ever worked from. Highly recommended. Not only a beautiful and comfortable space but the coordinators are very friendly, always organising events and very helpful with any queries you might have.
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Kirill Mazur

Отличное место для работы с крутым сообществом предпринимателей, людьми из стартап тусовки и классным основателем. Если запускаете бизнес - вам сюда ;)
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Mihkel Raag

Definitely a community for like minded people with great collaboration environment. Promoting growth and enablement. Great place for work, learning, fundraising and new friends.
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Max Voitko

Интересный интерьер в стиле лофт. Большой конференц зал. Есть все необходимое.
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Лера Василец

Дуже класне місце! Просто ідеальне для проведення різних заходів: світле, просторе, зручне. Була з друзями, всі в захваті! Окрема подяка персоналу!
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Iryna Olifer

Отличное современное пространство! Панорамные окна, продуманный интерьер, вкусный кофе. Рекомендую!
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Anna Dzh

Чудове місце !! все сподобалось. Охоче прийду ще)
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Sanhin Mandkykhel

Крутой спэйс , удобное место расположения. Рекомендую. Очень стильный дизайн.
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Маша Кандюк

Дуже світле місце! Комфортний простір, зручне розташування, сучасне обладнання, привітна атмосфера, усі необхідні атрибути будь-якого успішного івенту- це все про LIFT 99 Hub! Була тут, поки що, тільки на одній події, але тепер впевнена, що повернусь сюди ще не раз!
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Oleg P.

That is a small co-working place. It is comfortable with a large room's. Not bad conference area. I hope they're soon grow up)
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