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Fair | Party


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Sat 14 Nov 12:00-23:00
Fair | Party

Christmas Courage

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Sat 05 Dec 12:00-23:00

About the place

Kurazhis sort of an urban flea-market, where you could find ukrainian designer brands along with antiques, vinyls, comics and clothes - and wouldn’t even have to spend a fortune. 

There’s a special magical spell for Instagram likes lying over our photoshoot zone - your account would be stuffed with amazing shots. 

You’ll be surrounded by Kyiv’s best DJ’s, musicians, celebrities and local opinion-makers (and all of your favorite treats at the food-court as a bonus). 

As always, kids get the best part: our fair has a special inclusive playground Disneyland, where everybody is equal - without diagnoses or stamps. And, of course, we are open and friendly. For everybody. 

But the main point of Kurazh is helping those in need. We’ve already collected 7 mln UAH in 2015-2018. Now every visit helps, because 30 hryvnias from the entrance fee go to children’s charity. Once a year in June we hold a totally non-profit event with all proceeds supporting good deeds and projects.

Past events

Star Courage Bazaar

Sun 26 May 10:00-23:00

Birthday Кураж Базар Flashback 90’s

Sun 21 Oct 11:00-23:00

Rap Shmap Yo Courage Bazaar

Sat 17 Aug 10:00 - Sun 18 Aug 23:00

Review 5

Selçuk Sevindik

I don't think there is a theme for the bazaar. You have to pay for entrance. People drink, eat and dance with music. Relax and chill on seats. It's like a small festival area.
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Daria Abakshyna

It was an incredible weekend! Even better when it's rainy, most of people are gone and the only once that are left are the true music fans or dancers.
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Gregory P.

You could spend the whole day there, it is some "market event" with some theme (changing every time), food area and even concert. It is paid event but you will not regret your money.
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Amazing one, the best place to go when it's open ????
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alexey hermann

There were food courts, live jazz music, clothes market. Pets were allowed. Different decorations. Mirrors to take pictures of yourself. Booz obviously. Competitive prices. Fun place for families and couples. I went with my 2 dogs and my girlfriend. If the next time it happens you see a huge line for the селёдка I suggest go for Indian food court instead, it’s the most undervalued type of food.
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