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The oldest bar and club in Kyiv.
The most atmospheric pub in Kyiv. The first real literary and artistic hub.
Opened in 1995. The first ideologist is Yurko Pokalchuk. Now Alexander Irvanets.
Authors of the interior - Vlodko Kaufman (Lviv) Kyrylo Protsenko (Kyiv). There is a bookstore "Bookinist", bookcrossing. Regulars - Ukrainian-minded bohemians and their guests.
Literary and film evenings are held regularly. Every Saturday at 13-00 is the First Poetic Coffee. Poets read poems, Cupid treats with coffee. The first coffee is the only and the oldest regular weekly literary attraction in Ukraine.
Chef Pavlo Vosyanovych, the kitchen is simple and honest. Lvivske beer.
Every creatively conscious Ukrainian has been here at least once!

Review 4

Yuri Barabash

Great place! Nice service, sweet interior, all the best ;) I will celebrate my wedding there. Strongly recommend.
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Václav Nikl

Amazing pub with vegan options. Beer was amazing, as well as the personal. In the pub is a small separated library where you can read and discuss literature.
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Benjamin Lind

Nice menu, friendly service, good prices, nice decor.
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Natalie Miloslawski

This place offers mysterious atmosphere due to an unusual design. You will always hear here somebody speaking English. This place is quite trendy and the prices are cheaper compared to other places in this area. Disadvantages : pasta is not good, you'd better order some salad instead. Last time they forgot about my table reservation for 6 people, my friends had to wait and it looked creepy
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