7, вулиця Ярославів Вал, Київ, Украина, 02000

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In Kiev for the fifth year there is an outrageous theater with an unusual name - the Gray Theater of Sensual Psychoanalysis. Its distinctive features are intellectual pleasure, subtle humor and eroticism, and absolutely absolutely unique atmosphere of the cinema transferred to the theatrical stage.

Each color has the opposite: red has green, black has white, and only gray color is the only one of its kind. Gray is a penumbra, on the border of light and darkness, love and hate, good and evil. By combining these opposites, the creators of the Gray Theater invented a new unique genre - sensual psychoanalysis. And in every play the Gray Theater explores the most vital and close to each conflict - the struggle of the heart and mind.

In the repertoire of the theater eight unusual performances - psychological dramas, thrillers with elements of eroticism and retro-melodrama. Roles perform incredibly beautiful actors. Original direction, amazing music, stylish costumes and an exceptional atmosphere - all this for you, our dear audience!

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