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Kenassa is located in the center of Kiev, near the Golden Gate. And it is another masterpiece from one of the most famous Kiev architects Vladislav Gorodetsky, commissioned by the tobacco magnate and head of the Karaite community of Solomon Cohen.

The actor's house was created in 1948 as a cultural and educational institution of the Ukrainian Theater Society, which in 1987 was reorganized into the Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine (today - the National Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine).

Since 1981, the actor's house is located in the premises of the former Karaite kenasi. It was built on the funds of "tobacco kings" of Solomon and Moses Kogen in 1900 by the project of the famous architect Vladislav Gorodetsky (author of such buildings as Nikolayevsky church, National Museum of Art, "House with Chimeras", etc.).

V.Gorodetsky gave this unique exotic structure in the plan-spatial solution and in the rich décor the features of exclusively oriental Asian architecture.

"The prayerful Karaite house is elegant, but somewhat gloomy, decorated externally with sculptural fantastic patterns and Moorish-style letters; the door and its windows are rounded in the form of a horseshoe "(Guidebook K., 1917). And the sculptural-finishing works in kenas performed by Elia Sala, and he did not have any analogues in Kyiv.

After the revolution of 1917 the kenasis was closed, since 1926 the building was transferred to the use of educational institutions. During the war here was the Roman Catholic service of God, then operated the puppet theater, and later - the cinema. Unfortunately, during the Soviet era, part of the architectural details of the building was lost.

Now this building is a cozy concert hall for 200 places: light stucco, magnificent acoustics, chamber scene. The actor's house also has a foyer-exhibition hall, a theatrical library.

In the walls of the actor's house there are performances and concerts, presentations of periodicals and books, creative evenings, anniversary holidays and beneficiaries, scientific conferences, art exhibitions.

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