бульвар Тараса Шевченка, 14, Київ, Украина, 01601

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The Institute of Philology (until recently - the Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Foreign Philology, Department of Oriental Studies) was formed on November 12, 2001.

However, philology at the University of Kiev dates back to the time of its foundation, that is, since 1834. Then the philological faculty was part of the philosophical, and then for a long time was called historical and philological. In 1937, the faculty of Western European languages ​​and literatures was formed. Finally, in 1990, the "East and English language and literature" department was launched.

The history of philology was made by such well-known scholars as M. Maksymovych, M. Kostomarov, P. Zhitetsky, M. Drahomanov, M. Dashkevich, V. Peretz, L. Bulakhovsky, O. and A. Biletski, M. Rusanovsky, M. Zerov , M.Dray-Khmara, P.Filipovich, O.Nazarevsky, S.Maslov, D.Chizhevsky, P.Ilyushch, A.Ischuk, S.Savchenko, O.Andriyevskaya, Y.Zhlucenko, N.Raevskaya, T.Yakimovich and other.

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Tram Coffeehouse

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Monument to Michael Hrushevsky

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Kiev tram

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Pedagogic Museum of Ukraine

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Muzey Pavla Tychyny

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Національний музей Тараса Шевченка

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Child Center

Scientific and Methodological Center of the Shevchenko Museum

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Scientific library named after Maximovych M.

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