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Good to spend time #alone
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Игорь Клименко

Few people, good service. Thank you, but sometimes there is a malfunction of the tracks, perhaps during the quarantine period, the lack of equipment maintenance caused these shortcomings, I hope this will be fixed in the near future. About faults: after the throw, the mechanism that picks up the pins dropped them, while not counting them, and the next throw did not take into account the pins that fell due to the faulty mechanism.
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Мария Бонарь

Liked. It was true that on a weekday, celebrate her daughter’s birthday. They organize paths for children, there are not heavy balls. Good, not scanty portions are also cooked deliciously.
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David Krikota

The place is not bad, there are many bowling lanes. The design of the hall is quite specific. The shoes for the game are quite shabby. During the game music (songs in English) 18+ sounded, which is unacceptable, since half of the audience were children. Maybe 90% of visitors do not understand English, but still 10%.
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