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Summer is always about emotions, outdoor recreation, meeting with friends. Summer is about picnics. So on the VDNH, among the apple trees, we set up the insta-space "Picnic Garden".
No more need to wander through the shops in search of food and drinks, pull a huge basket to the destination, worry that blankets are not enough at all. After all, the essence of the space "Picnic Garden" is that you get everything you need here and now.
How to use Picnic Garden services?
• You can attend the "Picnic Garden" absolutely free at work hours.
• If you want to stay in a specially designed picnic area, you need to rent a "Picnic Basket".
• The cost of a basket for two people is 490 UAH, for four - 975 UAH.
• It includes: a bottle of lemonade, cheese set (brie cheese, dor blue, cedar, nut, cracker), meat set (ham, Italian sausage, balyk, fresh vegetables), bread set (baguette, rye, grain, light wheaten), cream cheese with spicy herbs and dried tomatoes, jam, apples, napkins, plates, forks. After completing the picnic, the basket and dishes need to be rolled back.
Picnic Garden has its own rules and values:
• Guests are welcome from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00.
• We promote a healthy lifestyle, therefore, Picnic Garden - a zone free of smoking, strong alcoholic beverages and narcotic drugs. Emotions give friends, not bad habits.
• Picnic Sad is a relaxation and relaxation area, so respect your neighbors and do not turn on music loudly, be courteous and remember that children can play next to them - do not use strong phrases and obscene language.
• Take care of everything we create with love (do not damage the lawn, do not break the branches on trees, do not spoil the furniture and decor).
• We do not fire the fire in the garden! For those who want to have a barbecue, there are specially equipped zones on the VDNH.
• The nearest wiper is nearby. So do not hesitate and ask the administrator. Do not look for a toilet between the trees - it's not there.
• We care about the environment and our garden, therefore, we encourage you to maintain cleanliness around yourself and clean your picnic corner after your visit.
• For professional photography and video filming, call 068 604 95 50.
• If you like us, you can support our space with any money thank you. It can be left on the food delivery desk, or listed by QR code, which is located in the garden.
Have a good rest and your mood!

Review 4

Олеся Ващенко

Приятные цены. Можно недорого выпить пива, посмотреть футбол. Большой выбор коктейлей. Также можно выпить что-то покрепче и хорошо закусить. Очень много выгодных предложений для компании. Контингент - в основном студенты из студгородка через дорогу.
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Дима Адаменко

Уютная кофейня,очень приятные баристы, вкусный кофе.Отношение к гостям очень хорошее.
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Екатерина Акохова

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Вита Орлюк

Приятная атмосфера. Очень гостепримные баристы. Можно поесть панини.
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Past events

Moonlight - Romantic Jazz at Picnic Garden

Sat 14 Sep 18:00-21:00

Next to Insta-space "PIKNIK.SAD"



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