General Rodymtsev str., 6а, Kyiv

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Plant Your Tree on October 12, 13 and 14 / Plant your tree

Mon 14 Oct 11:00-12:00

Review 5

Дмитрий Шц

Best ever for bike travel). Routes awesome!
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Yevgeniya Anisimiva

Nice picturesque place, fresh air, old trees, Saint ground. Highly recommend
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Tarlan Babirov

A great place to rest and forget about your headaches, beautiful lake trees and a huge park where you can buy a cup of hot coffee and enjoy it one of nearest benches, and take with you your favorite book
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Olexa Onyshchenko

One of the best parks in Kyiv. Lakes, forest, hills, children playgrounds, even ski run. Nice for training and measure time.
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Vyacheslav Volovyk

I love this park. Kyiv is very lucky with such a park. There is an opportunity to play sports, walk and just breathe the air under the trees. At any time, there are cozy and have the opportunity to withdraw from the city. I especially like it here in the fall and winter.
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Next to Holosiivsky Park


Holosiivskyi Desert

314 m. 14 Polkovnyka Zatyevahina St, Kyiv

(044) 374-06-79


The Botanical Garden of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management

393 m. Heroiv Oborony St, 2а, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03041

(044) 527-81-00


National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

435 m. 19, ulitsa Generala Rodimtseva, Київ, Київська обл., Украина, 03041

(044) 258-42-63

Goloseev Ski Park

791 m. 8 General Rodimtsev street, Kyiv

(099) 450-08-80

Rope park

Monorail "Active Country"

1,01 km. Goloseevsky Park named after Rylsky, Kyiv

(095) 393-65-55



1,17 km.

(066) 734-54-31


Двор Голосеевский

1,26 km. проспект Голосіївський, 87-б, Київ, Украина, 03041

(067) 443-22-82


PAPA NICO ресторан

1,42 km. 114, Голосіївський проспект, Київ, Украина, 03127

(068) 220-01-00

Sport Club

Paintball Laser Tag Club Ganz

1,44 km. Pav. 21, ave. Academician Glushkov, 1, Kiev

(050) 500-62-00



1,46 km. просп. Голоcіївський, 87, Київ, Украина, 03040

(044) 300-11-22